Pretty in Polka - Tera Mod by Kittieology

im very new to modding, so please let me know if there are any problems with the file. ive tested it out quite a bit, so it should work x.x 

this only works for the elin verson of the innerwear, i havent gotten around to doing the rest of the races, sorry >.< 

• please do not use without first backing up your original files

• Please do not steal

• Please do not alter my work

• credit is appreciated <3 

Pantsu desu


Elin School Uniform Panties Bundle, v1 / v2

Here’s a quick little mod I made after getting sick of the dull white underwear on the School Uniforms. I made it so the underwear matched the cute neckties, or at least were similar.

This works for each uniform, including:

  • Elin Castanica Tech Uniform
  • Elin Ivory Eldritch Academy Uniform
  • Elin Icaruna School for Girls Uniform
  • Elin Feral Valley Jr. High Uniform
  • Elin Charcoal Eldritch Academy Uniform (Not pictured)

Download the first bundle here, and the second bundle here.
Per usual, you’ll need Winrar or another program that can extract .rar files. Installation info is found in the package, but if you have any questions message me here or in-game! Hope you like this little bit of silliness. 


Today I was on my reaper and I was bored, so… I went to the outskirts to look for some fun. There was a mystic named “Spoonn.Senpai” sitting innocently in the middle of the arena. I knew what I had to do….


I used Soul Reversal and took him up a nearby mountain. 

Then you know… once I take people up mountains I MUST “push” them off of them, (I included a video of him falling because the sound effects were just lol)


Zervantis and Satinka for Cylonis

May 16

inFAMOUS Second Son | PS4 | Photo Mode


It’s time. The Elin Reaper ears and tails mod main versions are ready. A couple more to come.

You can download them here.